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White Ceremonial Dress (Women's Extra Large) for Ayahuasca Ceremony(24)

Women's Shipibo Clothing

White Ceremonial Dress (Women's Extra Large) for Ayahuasca Ceremony(24)


White Ceremonial Dress (Women's Extra Large) for Ayahuasca Ceremony(24)


The Shipibo are Masters of Ayahuasca and when they drink they see visions within the plant world. Shakruna work with 50 Shipibo Families to bring to you our beautiful clothes all of which have been hand embroidered over a period spanning 1 to 3 weeks.

Ayahuasca likes to meet us with a pure heart and a clean energy clean .One way This is reflected is in the white`clothes we wear in ceremony. This dress is perfect to wear for your Ayahuasca Retreat or Ceremony

This beautiful ceremonial dress is comfortable with a large cowl hood which has been fully hand embroidered with amazing details complemented by flawless medicinal patterning along the bottom edge .These patterns represent the plants that are dieted by the Maestros. Each plant has its own song and its own vibrational frequency that is seen in the Ayahuasca Ceremony when sung as an Ikaro by the Maestros.

This Garment is 100% cotton and is washable on a delicate machine wash. It is a standard US Size Extra Large Womens

Bust: 40-42 Inches

Waist:31-33 Inches

Length: 49 inches (to length of the point)

So you can check it against your clothes if you are unsure of your measurements these are the measurements of the garment lain flat so you can get a sense of if its sized right for you.

From top to bottom/tip of point: 49 inches

Bottom edge:28 inches

We are clothing designers and we love fulfilling peoples dreams. If you wish to we would be happy to style any garment for you as a custom make. As each garment is hand embroidered please allow us 6 weeks from the point of order to complete your garment.

We are an authentic heart space clothing company making ethical clothes that also enable a tribal community to continue living within their culture after the impact of deforestation. We are based in Peru and we ship completed garments within 3 days. We will then send you a tracking number via email. The shipping times vary but usually from Peru Items take between 10 and 32 working days to arrive.

Please be sure to have a correct address on point of purchase

Thank you for supporting our work!

Please know that 10% of each sale goes directly back into the community and our global mission to preserve indigenous wisdom

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