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Authentic Shipibo Ayahuasca Retreat in the heart of the jungle, Affordable Ayahuasca Retreat

Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats Run the most affordable and authentic retreat centre in Peru. On this Retreat we will go by boat deep into the jungle and build camp which is where we will hold our Ayahuasca Ceremonies. All of our retreats are not just about Ayahuasca, we provide a holistic care treatment which honours all of the plants in the jungle. We are so excited to bring you with us on our deep jungle retreat. If you are seeking and authentic, safe and affordable ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon with Shipibo Shamans the please come and join us for deep healing with Ayahuasca


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If you are looking for a retreat with comfort, electricity, four permanent walls and a proper mattress, you may be better off looking into our Sacred Valley Retreat in late august or our Ayahuasca Retreats in the Jungle that run throughout the year.

If you have an overwhelming appreciation for nature, if you seek a deeper understanding of yourself and the plant world in its upmost purity, if your heart calls you to see the sacred plants, lakes, rivers and tributaries of the untouched lands and you are looking experience Ayahuasca in the powerful heart of the jungle and walk the path of her tribal wisdom keepers, then this is the retreat for you.

This retreat is a deep commune with nature, we will travel by small boats through untouched tributaries, we will sleep under the stars in hand-built structures of tarps and mossi nets, we will fish from the rivers and cook over open fires. This retreat will step you into the authentic ways of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe, a path with heart, a path with nature, a path back to the simplicity of being human and existing in the now. We shall journey to the true nature of ourselves and with the simplicity and peace  of the jungle, we will be going back to basics.


Start of our Journey

Arrival Day: Arrival to Pucallpa and overnight stay in hotel to relax and aclimatise to the heat.

1st Day: Everyone will arrive at the Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreat Centre and stay here the first night for us all to get a chance to know each other and rest up for the big adventure the next day. We will have a welcome circle in the Maloca with the Maestros and make sure everyone is prepared for our trip downriver.

2nd Day: The day will start bright and early (5am) to secure our place on the boat and give us chance to stock up on provisions. Once we leave the port there will be no shops or cell reception so everything we will need, we will take with us. The boat usually leaves about midday and is a 7-hour ride downriver to the humble abode of Maestra Lucia’s family in the small village of Awaypa. On arrival we will be welcomed as new members of the family by our gracious hosts and have a glimpse of the simple lifestyle of the people still living down river. We shall string up mossi nets on a raised wooden platform, sleep on a thin mattress and light our way by candlelight. There is no electricity in this home.


 Journey to the Heart

3rd Day: After a Hearty Breakfast with the Family we travel deeper into the jungle. Jumping onto a small wooden boat we will spend 3-4 hours motoring through shaded tributaries and winding our way through the groves of medicinal plants to bring us to the clear water lakes of Awaypa.  Upon these banks we shall set up our camp that will be our home for the following 9 days. We will build together a camp of tarpaulins and mossi nets, this will be lead by Maestra Lucia´s husband Augusto. The set up will be simple but comfortable. For those of you who maybe concerned about wild animals at this stage, rest assured, you are in safe hands. In addition to the Maestros we shall also we accompanied by several Shipibo Tribes people. The Shipibo read the jungle and her signs like an instruction manual. If there are any potentially dangerous animals near to us, they will know and we shall be kept safe at all times by their foresight.


In the evening of this day we shall all sit in ceremony with Maestra Lucia and she will drink Ayahuasca to see what plant treatments each of us need. This is a chance to sit and see what is involved in the ceremony and begin to connect with the plant in her home.

4th day to 10th : One of the delights about living in true deep harmony with nature is there is no schedule. We shall drink Ayahuasca on the 5th, 7th and 9th days of your retreat with each day following  being an integration day and include a circle time where everyone shares their experience of the medicine in this sacred space.

Other than this we shall live organically through each day, getting in touch with our own rhythms, learning to listen to our hearts in the quiet song of our jungle home. We shall receive plant treatments from the Maestra to help us deeply connect with our own healing. We will fish from the banks of our jungle home, bathe in the cooling waters of Awaypa Lake, drink chapo, (plaintain drink), take boat trips out to see monkeys and wildlife.


Sacred Plant Walk and the End of our Journey

In the depths of this jungle there lives the medicine to cure all ails. Maestra Lucia and Maestro Leonardo are the guardians of this knowledge and they use this abundant medicine cabinet to heal us. During our stay in the jungle we shall all have the great honour of walking with Maestra Lucia through the medicine cabinet of the jungle. As we pass medicinal plants she will stop and name them and teach us about their wisdom.

11th Day: travel back to Maestra Lucia’s family home in Awaypa village

12th: Return by boat to Pucallpa and stay at the Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreat Centre

Return to society: Leave the centre and stay in hotel

 Before we go we would like to dicuss the ever-changing environment of the jungle and the impacts this may have on our schedule.We have and still are doing our very best to bring as much structure and stability to our retreat as possible but sometime unforeseeable events may still have an impact.These event could come in the form of seasonal changes,out of season weather,changes in the surrounding environment that may block access to certain areas or unexpected animal friends. There is no reason to worry tho because the beyond talented locals that accompany us on these trips have lived on these lands there whole lives and can read the jungle like the back of there hands. Predicting her next movements they will keep you safe and sound.If you wish to join us on our heart of the jungle retreat we just ask that you have some fluidity,patience and understanding if the jungles unpredictable nature chooses to show itself in your process. Thank you for understanding,we are deeply excited to meet with all of you who join us on this adventure and honoured by the Maestros for the knowledge they will share.

Price: $777