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Reviews of Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats, Does anyone know about Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats

At Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats we urge anyone seeking an authentic Ayahuasca retreat or Ayahuasca ceremony to listen to their heart. For 3 years we have connected people with 2 powerful Shipibo Shamans for deep healing in the Jungle of the Amazon. We believe that heart to heart communication is the way to share our work, in our video testimonials you can listen to your heart to decide if you wish to join us in a safe, affordable and authentic ayahuasca retreat in the jungle.

Anthony Wrote to us About His shift in Life Post Retreat

Shakruna Icaros

Dearest Rachel!


I thank you so much for taking care of me while I was in Peru.  

I'm happy to tell you that I'm actually authentically happy for the first time in my life.

In our skype conversation/interview you asked what I hoped to achieve from ayahuasca.  I told you that I had been feeling an energetic, psycholigical, spiritual blockage since I was a baby that I hadn't been able to unblock all these years.

Ayahuasca unblocked me.  It opened this door which I shut since I was a baby to protect myself.

I'm literally everyday building this new, healthy and nourishing relationship with myself that I didn't think was possible for me.

Ayahuasca opened the door but I had to choose to walk through it, which I was only too happy to do, I was so desperate!


This experience has inspired me to become a healer myself.

I know that my story can connect with others who are in pain and feeling like there's no way out.

In the end it's so simple it's cliche.  Unconditional love cures EVERYTHING!

Thank you Rachel, you're BEAUTIFUL!

I hug you and kiss you!

A Personal Video from Fanny, came for a 12 day Retreat and Stayed 3 Months

Shakruna Icaros

We are so grateful to Fanny for her strength and heart towards her healing, she came for a 12 Day Retreat and stayed with us for 3 months, 20 days of which was in isolation. Fanny worked hard and learnt a lot with her Ayahuasca journey. This is what she shares 2 months after leaving us.

Testimonial from Marlo: 30th August 12 day retreat (stayed a month in total)

Shakruna Icaros

I’m so grateful to have found this place and I highly recommend it. I really trust Lucia and Leonardo as shamans and as honest and very caring people. It was so important for me that I could feel safe and taken care of there, and I did with them. For me I really felt how important the whole setting was around Ayahuasca, like being away from the city and the diet and how everyone there is there with a similar intention. This place really allows you (or even forces you) to face yourself. Highly recommend this amazing and authentic place and family. :)

Testimonial from Vanessa from the 30th August Retreat 12 day Ayahuasca Retreat

Shakruna Icaros

I knew already a lot of hard facts about ayahuasca and was so impatient to try it on my own. I am very lucky and had mostly nice visions. It was an unique experience and I would like to redo it some day. A few weeks have already passed since my ayahuasca retreat and I still feel the change in my every day life. I feel so much more confident and relaxed. I have always been a positive person but now more than ever. I had a unique experience and I am so glad I did my first time at lucy's place. She is wonderful and one feels this special energy of a caring mother and woman.

Susann 12 day Retreat April 2018

Shakruna Icaros

The most positive part for me was the effect of the ceremony itself. But at the end the whole 12day package made me feel comfortable to fall free into this experience. I had many questions in the beginning that actually didn't need to be answered at the end. I just followed the advices of Lucia and it felt sincere and trustworthy. Whenever something occurred my mind I felt free to ask Lucia or Agosto. The ceremony was intense...emotional. ..just beautiful. The soft way to get to know the plant felt how it has to be and the shamans worked in a close way with the people. What I took from my time at Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats was; Beautiful pictures, stronger connection to nature and ancestors. Deep respect to the Shamans and their wisdom as well as traditions they kept so long. Worries and beliefs that they will be able to keep this for the future. Talking to people to respect this tradition and think about their choice of why going on a retreat. Thank you so much it was amazing!

Helias: 12 day retreat

Shakruna Icaros

I just wanted to message you to thank you for helping me organize this stay with the Shamanic Family. My time there was incredible, sometimes very difficult too, but what I have had the chance to experience and discover there makes it all totally worth it. Lucila, Leonardo, Augusto and the kids are a beautiful, loving family and I feel so lucky to have been welcomed into their home.

I hope to go visit them again some day :) And really, thank you for helping them make all of this possible. They really deserve your precious support...

Tim and Tash: One month Stay

Shakruna Icaros

The jungle was a great experience for us.. Tash is no longer lactose intolerant and she made some big realisations about how her thoughts and beliefs were affecting her health. I didn't get any visions but still had an unbelievable experience there. It was interesting to learn that before you get visions first your body must heal and learn to let go, not all Westerners know that. I feel lighter and clearer for my time in the jungle. We were both ready to go back soon after leaving, Many thanks and much love x

Antonio y Gabriella: 12 Day Ayahuasca Retreat Package

Shakruna Icaros

"We absolutely loved our stay with Leonardo and Lucia family. Regarding the healing part we felt very secure and cared with Lucia and her father always giving us baths, and teas and massages suited to our needs. We felt we couldn’t be in better hands as they really know what they are doing and are really good shamans. We felt really useful helping Lucia in whatever she needed and, most of all, helping a family that really needs and appreciate the help. They are very humble and grateful. Thank you so much for everything!"


Kaatje: One month Ayahuasca Retreat

Shakruna Icaros

It is often difficult to put words to a life-changing experience, so I will keep this short.

The work one ends up doing here is internal and personal, and I can't think of a better setting or family to hold that kind of internal work. Leonardo's 71 years of experience and quiet, good-natured wisdom combine beautifully with his daughter's generosity and compassion. She keeps track of every guest's situation and translates for her father, who speaks only limited Spanish. Together they are an extraordinary team, and the kind of healing they facilitate is truly rare. I left the jungle feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity to interact with natural medicine in such an authentic, humble context.


William 2 week Retreat

Shakruna Icaros

I traveled to Peru with the intention to drink Ayahuasca to heal myself from my depression. I first went to a shaman in Tarapoto and didn’t get the right vibe from the family. So I contacted Shakruna and she responded right away and took a bus to Pucallpa.

Before each ceremony i told Lucia and Leonardo my intention and with each ceremony i learned something new about myself. In one ceremony Leonardo was singing to me and i could see his songs in patterns healing me. And then i had the vision of a jaguar to give my mind and body physical strength. And the desire to live again. The family is strong and there is def. a lot to learn from this experience.

James K

Shakruna Icaros

I’m very grateful to have came here to the land. There are many sacred plants with cures to many things. There’s a lot to learn so be sure to ask as many questions as you can! The family are sweet and Lucia shows great concern when others are sick. She also gives a killer stomach massage which I’ve never experienced! This place brought together many special people who all taught me many things, as the plants did too. Much thanks to Shakruna, the coordinator and good friend of the family for connecting us to the family to experience the experience!! There are many dark shamans out there, but this family is one of the few trustworthy ones!

Anton and Alexander: 1 Month Stay on Ayahuasca Retreat

Shakruna Icaros

We spent a wonderful month in this family and we have never had such an experience in our lives! We already miss all of them! Everything you can read about them here is true, but the reality is even better! Lucy, Leonardo, Augusto and the kids are very attentive, they became our family. And of course the experience of connecting with the plants and Ayahuasca was a completely outstanding thing which gave us the answers to some important questions.

We'd be happy to come back one day!)

Shakruna, Thank you so much for all of your work! Its a really heartfelt mission.

Vera: booked for a week and stayed 6 months!

Shakruna Icaros

Thank you very very much for having me there.
Being with this family it was the most beautiful experience I ever had in my adventure true the world. This family gave so much of them, love, time, knowledge. I saw them sharing everything they have even when they badly had for them self's, I learned about the Shipibo tradition and how hard life can be far from all the comfort we have and rarely realize. I have been with them for a month and I wish i could be there for longer. I will never be able to thank them enough.

Leo: One Month Stay

Shakruna Icaros

Muchas gracias por todo, fue una muy muy buena experienca en la selva con ustedes, aprendi muchisimas cosas sobre la medicina y todo. Siguen asi es perfecto son super !!!


Thank you deeply for everything, it was a very good experience in the jungle with you. I learned a lot about Ayahuasca and everything. This family are perfect, brilliant!!!