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Shamanic Family in Amazon, Shamanic Practices, Shamanism, Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru

Authentic Shamanic Practices shared with the world through cheap and accessible Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Peru. We run volunteer programs in the Amazon Jungle and we Run Ayahuasca Retreats in the Amazon jungle of Peru and we preserve indigenous wisdom and practices

Shamanic Family, Leonardo & Lucia


We are delighted to introduce you to Maestro Leonardo and Maestra Lucia,a Shamanic Family living in the Peruvian Jungle.

Lucia and I met at a pier going into the Ucayali River in the Amazon, I was watching the sunset over the river and enjoying the fresh feeling of a cool skin after having washed off the steam of the jungle in the warm bath of the river inlet. From the second I met her I was overcome with peace and joy. She spoke of truth and her whole body glowed. At the time I was sat there wondering how I was going to make this work. I had come to the jungle to find the root of my project, to find a path with heart and a way to preserve the tribal culture. Until this point all I had found was a confused culture with one foot in the past and one foot in the modern and I was beginning to wonder if I had arrived too late. Lucia washed all of this away with one look into her pure eyes.

The Shamanic Family

Lucia is 28 and a mother of 3 boys, her father Leonardo is 85 and he has been drinking Ayahuasca since he was 12. This 70 years of experience makes him a powerful Maestro and when you look a him the sun pours from his eyes in volumes. He is a quiet and considered man who speaks little Spanish, preferring his native tongue of Shipibo, but understands a lot. You will often find him listening to many conversations and chuckling to himself, a chuckle that I later came to understand when I drank Ayahuasca with him to be one of absolute understanding of where you are in your journey.

Leonardo has been training Lucia to work with Ayahuasca and diet all manner of jungle plants for the last 4 years. Up until recently she considered herself an apprentice and only in recent months has she begun to lead the ceremonial space as her father says he is not long for this earth.  This is a testament to how seriously the Shipibo regard Ayahuasca and how well guided and protected anyone is who chooses to sit with them in ceremony.

If you ever have the honour of drinking with them the 2 of them singing Ikaros together is a magical experience that takes your breath away. The balance of the male and female between them and also that of old and young provides a space for healing that is quite simply out of this world. Lucia's lilting voice is one of innocence and fragility where Leonardo is one of the old man, the mountains and a guardian and protector to the space.

After speaking with Lucia a very short time she had invited me to come and live with her, she had also shown me a very direct contrast from the tribe that I had met so far upon my journey. My initial experiences were ones of grabbiness and money focus which I have come to understand now within the context of a need and desire to enter the modern world but as I have said thus far it is also one that has saddened me. In our first chat she showed me that there are still people there who are living with the jungle and all of its flows, that there are a people who know how to access the medicine cabinet of the world, in all its forms and for all ailments, not just through the use of Ayahuasca and that sat in front of me was the face of a person who was by her essence living sustainably and in harmonious balance with the earth.

Very quickly it became clear to me that Lucia and Leonardo were the very root of this project and since its conception, Ayahuasca has been gently guiding my path to arrive me at that sunset pier.

The Land and Deforestation

The family are concerned and affected by the deforestation within the area. Within their locality there are swathes of land that essentially belong to the community all of which have been cleared to the point where there is only tall grass remaining. It is a devastating sight. Lucia has become guardian of 15 hectares of forest land on the edge of this community land.

Her dream is to build a Maloca (temple) on this land so that she can share the powerful healing medicine of Ayahuasca with as many people as she is able to. She dreams to allow Ayahuasca to naturally grow within the heart of the jungle as it always has without the fear of scavengers coming in and stealing it as so often happens. She dreams to raise the vibrational frequency of the earth through healing as many of us as possible with her pure heart, pure love and her commitment to the daily guidance from Ayahuasca.

We are currently working with Lucia and Leonardo to realise this dream!!

The Plan

We are working with a topographer and a team of people to clear a path in order to get a clear sense of where the land boundary lies. Once we have this we will be putting in a boundary fence so that it is very clear that this land is protected. We will then start building an initial building on site that will allow someone to permanently reside in the space and therefore protect the trees from loggers and guard against Ayahuasca scavengers.

Once this is complete we will be build several more huts and a Maloca so that anyone can come and work with Ayahuasca in her natural habitat. The centre will be based upon the core of the Shamanic principal, that Ayahuasca is not for making money, she is here to heal the earth. That said, there is an 'Ayni' Balance that needs to exist and no one of this culture goes and receives great healing without there being some exchange, be it the offer of a chicken or a time exchange. We are aiming to keep our prices low and accessible at the same time honoring all we wish to achieve in the world and our own efforts.

Ayahuasca will be grown on site, in here natural home and this will be the only Ayahuasca used at the centre. Lucia and her father spoke often of the world of Shamanic Tourism and their sadness at it. So many people come to the jungle and buy ready made Ayahuasca and sit with self proclaimed Maestros and it really brings a tear to her eye when she speaks of it.

The preparation process of Ayahuasca is an essential step of the journey.  When the plant is brewed the Maestros sing to her and offer intention into the bubbling mix and this is what adds to the essence of the journey when one sits and drinks with her. To buy Ayahuasca from an unknown source is dubious at best as you will not know what the strength of the brew is or the intention with which it was made and this can seriously affect your personal voyage.

Replanting The Earth

Once the centre is complete we will then be working together to rally a team of community members to replant the scarred earth. We have a shared vision that by returning the land to its former glory we can remind the community of their roots. Lucia and her family are farmers and still grow yucca and other vegetables on their plot, which makes up most of their daily diet. They also used to fish, until their boat was stolen, which is sadly another reflection of the effect of modern change upon the community. There no longer exists within all an idea that we are all part of the same community and that to take a man’s boat is to take food from his family’s mouths. This is the affect of a world who are moving towards living and eating solely from money.

We will replace the boat as soon as the funds come in to enable us to do so.

Our time in the jungle showed us that there are still threads of the tribal way of life alive and these threads still have a force. Through working with Lucia and her family and the surrounding community we aim to preserve this way of life and keep it alive for the whole world to benefit from.



If you would like to make a donation to the project we gratefully accept it! Everything that has been funded so far has been done so through the sale of our Shipibo embroidered clothes which are available through our shop.

If you chose to make a donation please know that every penny of your donation will go directly to the project and influence change. We are not an organisation that is taking running costs from heartfelt donations.



We run a volunteer program as we need help with the translation for the retreats usually from Spanish to English. We also have volunteer opportunities to aid us with childcare, cooking and general site duties.

If you would like to be a volunteer in any capacity please contact us through our contact form or email us at


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