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Reforestation, Amazon reforestation, Saving the Lungs of The Earth, Amazon, Amazon Preservation

Shakruna aims to create a sustainable business that actively raises funds and implements reforestation programs in the Peruvian Amazon. We wish to preserve the knowledge and wisdom of these tribal peoples and share it with the world through our Ayahuasca retreat centre and the Ayahuasca Ceremonies we hold.

Reforestation, Peru

We are all aware that the Amazon is being deforested and that this has a drastic effect upon all of us. The Amazon is the Lungs of the Earth, providing more than 20% of the worlds oxygen. As an organisation we are interested in replanting and preserving the area of the Amazon that is home to the Shipibo-Conibo Tribe with which we work.

This part of the project has a dual aim for us, we are motivated to Save the Lungs of the Earth through preservation and reforestation and also to reverse some of the effects of deforestation upon the tribe.

Historically this group of people lived sustainably from the rain forest, eating from the abundance of the trees and fishing from the river. Recently the trees have all been logged and the area is a compacted earth version of its former glory.

In the area of San Francisco there are swathes of land that are community owned and have been reduced to tall grasses, which brings a tear to the eye. On the edge of this land is the land of our Shamanic Family who we are working with in order to protect the land from further destruction.

Since Our Involvement We have:

  1. Surveyed the Shamanic Family Land and boundary line. Cost: $200
  2. Put a boundary fence around the land to ensure its protection. Cost: $600
  3. Built a Maloca (Temple) on site to enable the Shamanic family to share their Practices of working with medicinal plants. Cost: $6,000

Future Plans:

Once we have completed the current centre we plan to;

1) Assess the reforestation needed in the area

2) Built a Retreat Centre deeper in the jungle

3) Continue to replant Ayahuasca and Chakruna to ensure sustainability.

How you can help

In this area the average daily wage is between $3 and $9. This project is vastly outside the potential of these people without our help and support so we thank you for any donation you are able to make to help us to help them with this project. 


We are undertaking this project with our heart and the sale of our clothes through our Store, if you feel able to donate to this section of our project we will greatly appreciate it!!