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Shakruna Blog, Ayahuasca Blog

Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats are in service of the plants. We believe that medicine and healing are our birthright whihc is why we have cocreated the cheapest retreat centre in Peru with an Authentic Shipibo Family who are the Masters of Ayahuasca. here we tell our story and share interesting info about our project

The Shipibo Tribe Don't Drink Ayahuasca

Shakruna Icaros

The Shipibo are the Masters of Ayahuasca but the Shipibo Tribe do no drink Ayahuasca. Only the Maestro of the village, The Medicine Person drinks this powerful plant. If anyone in the village is in need of healing, they come to seek the Guidance of the Maestro (Shaman). A Ceremony is Performed with them present, The Maestro Drinks Ayahuasca and connects with all the plant spirits and their guidance to see how to heal the person. At the end of the ceremony, they share what they saw. At Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats, we observe the same practice for the first ceremony so that guidance is given how best to treat each individual. If you are seeking deep healing and cannot drink Aya for medical reason, you are still able to attend a retreat, you will be able to join us, as a tribesperson does. If you wish to connect with this powerful family, please reach out to us.

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