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Cheap Ayahuasca Retreat, Affordable Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Cermony Peru, Shipibo

Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreat Centre offer Authentic Ayahuasca Retreats in The Peruvian Amazon that are also the cheapest retreats in Peru. We work with Maestro Leonardo (85 years old) and his daughter who uphold the Shipibo lineage and don’t just work with Ayahuasca but all the plants in the jungle. On our heart of the jungle retreat you will have the chance to learn about medicinal plants and live as the Shipibo tribe do, carving a home out of the jungle and living beneath the canope.

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Food is an important part of life and its even more so in the world of ayahuasca and the master plants.As im sure you aware by now ayahuasca has a strict dieta we must follow.The dieta is one of the most important steps to meeting them safely and respectfully. It´s also important because it ensures us that  we´re experiencing the most we can from their wisdom and guidance as we possibly can.

 This mean no sugar, salt, pork, fatty foods or sex to name a few. It´s not only important for our experience with these beautiful teachers, it´s important for the safety of yourself and the maestros that we follow these guidelines before , during and after your journey .

 we here at Shakruna thrive to give you the healthiest, tastiest meals possible with the ingredients we have available. Due to the location of this retreat we won´t  be able to just head down the shop to restock on provisions after the initial buy,this will be impossible. As a results some of the ingredients usually available to us when where close to town aren’t available due to shelf life ect . don’t you worry tho ,we have the added bonus of jungle´s pantry to pull from and locals that can guide us to fresh plants and fish and Lastely but probably most impotantly we have our wonderful cooks who are well versed in providing tasty fresh dieta meals over an open fire that you will leave you full and satisfied ..