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One Month Stay in Amazon Jungle retreat Centre at an Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat

Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats are in deep service of the Medicine Ayahuasca. At Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats we recognise that many of you have deep healing work to do and prefer to stay one month in the Jungle. We we welcome guests at our authentic, safe and affordable Ayahuasca Retreat for one month stays to work with Shipibo Maestros (Shamans). Healing is our birthright and as such we offer the cheapest, safest and most authentic one month ayahuasca retreat for $1123

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Ceremony Extension

Sometimes when we begin a retreat we do not know what work we need to complete, especially if this is our first time sitting with Ayahuasca. This extension package is for people who feel like they might need a little extra time to have closure in their process or may feel like they need an extra ceremony for any reason.

This package deal is available for up to 1 week maximum when you have already completed or are completing a 12 day retreat. 

cost: $75 per ceremony and $10 per additional day (beyond 12 day retreat) for food and accommodation costs

Example: to stay an additional 4 days and have 2 additional ceremonies

4x$10 + $75x2= $190 extra cost




One month: Deep Healing Retreat

We acknowledge some of you already are aware that you have deep healing work you wish to do. You may have already sat with Ayahuasca or hold a deep knowing that this is the path for you.

We offer an option of a month’s stay which will include:

·         8 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

·         All Plant treatments, teas, saunas, purgatives, plant baths

·         All food and accommodation

·         2 nights stay in a hotel (one before and one after the retreat) and airport pickup


Please note that during a months stay the Maestros are continually guided by Ayahuasca to aid you with your deep healing. We all arrive with different issues and the Maestros will work with you to heal your specific issue. On occasion this may mean that a course of plant treatments is preferable to completing all of the 8 Ayahuasca Ceremonies as some individuals may need deep cleansing before sitting with the medicine.

A month stay with us can begin on anyone of the stat dates from our 12 day Retreats (see here)


Cost: $1123 per month