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Copy of Ceremony Prices


We have 2 packets that are available here with the Shamanic Family.

Packet One: Taster

We are passionate about our work with the plant and we are in service. As such we have a taster package for people who wish to come and try the plant and may not be able to stay 12 days. With this packet you will be responsible for cooking and buying the right food in accordance with the diet guidelines.

We ask that you pay 10 sol per day and 100 sol for your first ceremony in advance plus a booking fee.  If you decide to stay longer you are welcome to do so and please pay the shamans directly for any additional days over what you book for.

Thank you for your contribution to their dream. This is the cheapest retreat centre in Peru and we ask you to be mindful of this! We are a project committed to helping people and so we ask if you can honour this by keeping this process alive for all of those we help.

The majority of the money you pay will go back into the project and help us to build a beautiful place and better it FOR EVERYONE!

The booking fee per person is 130 sol and this helps me to cover the transfer costs to the family and to visit the project and make sure everything is running well for you all!!

Example: 2 people for one week stay

Daily fee: 10sol per person per day = 140 sols

First ceremony: 200 sol

Transfer fee: 260 sol

Please send : 600 sols which is $190

Please be honest about the length of time you INTEND to stay as the calendars of arrivals/departures will be organised accordingly. Please remember to bring your own food :)  

Once payment is received you will then receive a VOUCHER for your time that you need to PRINT and take with you to show to the family. This will be sent within 48 hours of payment. Directions to the centre will be sent on receipt of a signed disclaimer.

I will send the funds directly to the family, please if you decide to stay less time, DO NOT ask the family for the money back, as it will be hard for them to give it back. They have spent their whole life living hand to mouth and so they are not used to saving and always invest as soon as money enters their hands. I know this is maybe hard to understand but this is how it is here, they don’t have it in reserve as it will have been spent on wood for building, or their children’s education.

Packet Two: 1000 sols ($323) per person: 12 day stay

This is a packet for people who are wanting to receive deep healing with a complete plant package: please see the additional notes

This includes:

  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 5-6 meetings with the shamans
  • 12 nights accommodation
  • All of your food cooked and provided for you, 3 meals a day, except fruit which we ask you to bring with you as its hard and costly to keep everyone in fruit whilst they are dieting.
  • Plant baths tailored to your needs
  • Work with some specific detoxifying plants where needed
  • Herbal teas where needed of the jungle medicine cabinet

Please register via the button below, we ask you to provide a few details before we can confirm your stay. Once you have registered we will be in touch with further instructions and payment details.

On receipt of registration, payment and disclaimer you will be sent the directions to the family home. A voucher as proof of payment will be sent to you with a unique code for you to give to the family on arrival.