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I write about Mother Ayahuasca here as a person in her own right. Ayahuasca is a person w I very much consider her to be a part of our team and what we are doing within the community. As i have said previously I feel that she has been guiding me since the first sound of the chainsaws hit my ears. I have since started a very personal relationship with her and feel blessed to have this.

The use of Ayahuasca is becoming increasingly popular with Westerners seeking entry into another realm and to learn from her teachings and healings to the body and soul.

Shamanic traditions are, as they say in the UK, “as old as the hills” or in this case we could say “as old as the jungle”. Shamanic use of the plant is sacred and rarely consumed in the tribe by people who are not from a Shamanic lineage.  Recently the Shamans who would have traditionally only passed on their knowledge of working with Ayahuasca to their children (and actually only to those children who have been indicated to the Shaman as being the next generation, as not all are chosen), have begun sharing the knowledge with Westerners hungry for a taste of the other world.  

Sadly this has given rise to a new form of Shamanic Tourism where by families not rooted in Shamanism are buying Ayahuasca from dubious sources rather than brewing it themselves as it traditionally done and charging tourists a hefty fee to drink with a 'Shaman or Curandero'. This has given rise to some very sad and scary results. The plant has become a commodity in so many respects. There are hundreds of people all over the world who are making money off holding ceremonies and very few are fully qualified to do so in a way that will protect and preserve the essence of the plant and the experience of the voyager within her realms. 

In its darker manifestation this has resulted in many rapes and also deaths due to the poor use of Ayahuasca with many people being taken advantage of and having poor experiences with what i can only say is the most wonderful medicine in the world. 

Ayahuasca is a medicine and it is one that is rooted in an energetic power of the earth. The earths energetic frequency is not one of money but one of love and so to my understanding of it to take something form the earth and to mix it with the energy of money detracts from its ability to benefit the person drinking. Sure you will have a great experience but if you are seeking a pure one i think ts important to consider where your Ayahuasca was brewed and who you are drinking with.


The second part of our project aims to do just that. We are keen to protect the Shamanic lineage before it becomes diluted and affected by the modern addiction to money. The family we are working with charge a small sum for Ayahuasca ceremonies that goes towards building their dream and in a world of Shamanic Tourism this speaks volumes. If you would like to know them or come to know Ayahuasca more personally please contact us.

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