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Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat that is affordable and Safe, Shipibo Shamans,

At Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats it is important to us that anyone who is considering drinking Ayahuasca for the first time take a moment in quiet meditation to feel into their heart and ask if this is the right path for them. Our Ayahuasca Ceremonies are held by 2 powerful and authentic Shipibo Maestros from the region of Pucallpa, in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Both of our Shamans have trained for many years, Leonardo for 73 years to hold a deep respect for the medicine. Our retreats are not only about the powerful medicine of Ayahuasca. We provide a holistic Treatment that includes all of the plants from the jungle in the form of teas, saunas and baths that give greater power to Ayahuasca to liberate you from any fears or illness that maybe holding you back.

 Ayahuasca Ceremonies on the 12 Day Retreat

This is the first retreat we will be holding out of the traditional leafy folds of the jungle but this doesn’t mean we are straying from tradition. We are holding true to our beliefs and the tried and true nature of the Shipibo lineage. As such our usual Jungle Schedule for the 12 day retreat will be honoured (see here) and further enhanced in our fusion of Andean and Shipibo wisdom through sound healing, Coca Reading, Despacho and Full Body Massage.

In the Shipibo tradition the Maestros are the ones who drink Ayahuasca to help see into our spirit body and learn the course of treatment each individual needs. This is what happens in the first of four ceremonies on our retreat. We will just sit and be present with the beautiful energy and medicine songs whilst they journey into our body and souls to see what course of plant treatments which may need to prepare ourselves.

Treatment will vary from person to person as we all have different healing needs and the Maestros will be listening to the guidance from the first ceremony as to how to treat you. This may include, steam baths, teas, vomitivos or plant baths.

Following this each guest will then drink Ayahuasca in 3 ceremonies which are spaced throughout the week with integration days to enable processing of the ceremony. Following each ceremony there will be a circle meeting for all of us to share our experiences.

Sacred Plants




The Shipibo Lineage is not just about drinking Ayahuasca, it is a process of connecting with all of the plants from the jungle for a complete healing and one that is tailored to your needs. Shakruna are dedicated to upholding the age old traditions of this sacred knowledge.  From this we shall be able to provide the plants needed for cleansing baths and steams and some of the teas you may need for your process. We acknowledge that not all of the jungle will be available and so just before we hold this retreat we will travel down river in the jungle with the Maestra to collect the plants needed that we are unable to grow so that everything is fresh and ready on site for your arrival.

The Food



The food we eat whilst on retreat is a restricted diet or "Dieta". It is an important preparation to make before meeting Ayahuasca. Food is also one of the most important things for our happiness and well being. For us food is love and at our retreat we are determined to bring you the healthiest and tastiest food we can. All of your food will be organic and locally sourced, lovingly prepared by our favourite Q'ero Chef.

We intend to cleanse your body of toxins whilst being here with us at Shakruna whether it be emotional, mental or chemical. Each day you will enjoy our simple, delicious and often inventive menu using permitted ingredients from the Ayahuasca Dieta, Following the Ayahuasca Dieta is very important before, during and after meeting with the medicine. We will cook all of your meals for you so you don't need to worry but it is helpful to understand so you are well prepared to meet her in the healthiest and safest way possible


Body Work and Massage





Massage is an excellent way to relieve tension in the body, relax and help the release of toxins. To help you to relax and unwind when you join us you will receive an hour massage on the first full day of the retreat just to help you to relax before going into the first ceremonial experience. This will be a full body massage from one of 2 of our guest therapists who are make and female so that you can have gender preference if necessary. 

In addition, Maestra Lucia often will work with your body as guided by the plants to help you to released any trapped energy within your soul body that she may see at any point during the reatreat,