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Ayahuasca Diet Plan, Ayahuasca Retreat Guidelines, What is an Ayahuasca Diet

This page is a breakdown of what to expect from a 12 day Ayahuasca Retreat in the jungle with the Shipibo Tribe. The body is cleansed with diet food and specific plants to be ready to hear the lessons from Mother Ayahuasca. In silence and reverence we can hear our lessons.. It is really important to adhere to the Ayahuasca Diet when you are planning to drink Ayahuasca in a Ceremony. Even if you are only planning to sit with one Ayahuasca Ceremony we urge you to spend at least 4 days detoxing from unhealthy foods, remove all salt, fat, sugar. coffee, pork, sex and drugs from your diet.

12 day diet plan

Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats offer you a 12 day Ayahuasca Dieta that is unlike any other that you will find online. Since sitting with Ayahuasca I, like many others feel a deep call to be in service of the plant and aid her connection with people in need of healing, predominantly from the West. I deeply feel that we pay enough for love in the West as it is and so I keep a balance of loving and honouring myself and my skills and giving of myself to the plant and her service to you.

Our retreat program is small and intimate groups of between 4 and 6 people. We are committed to your healing and small groups are important to give you the highest level of personalised care. By keeping the groups small you will have a close personal relationship with these authentic Maestros and receive individualized attention in all regards.  

Your course of healing in Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreats will be determined by the plant herself. On arrival everyone will sit in ceremony with the Maestros and they will drink Ayahuasca on your behalf. Traditionally in the Shipibo culture only the Maestros of the village would drink Ayahuasca and the villagers would sit in ceremony but not drink. During the ceremony the Maestro is able to see and heal what is out of balance in the villager and prescribe a course of treatment.

In this first ceremony the Maestros will do this for you. Every person who joins us on retreat will have a care package designed specifically for them that arises from the guidance of Ayahuasca. Our great mother will inform the Maestros which plants are needed for your journey and what course of teas, steam baths or plants which induce vomiting are needed for your liberation before you sit with Ayahuasca personally.

Our 12 day retreat program here at Shakruna is designed to facilitate your personal healing and also your personal connection to Ayahuasca and the power of the jungle. I am sure you have done enough research to know that when we meet Ayahuasca it is the equivalent of meeting a new person. We honour this process and give you time to meet her slowly, as is her way. Whenever we meet a new person it takes time to get to know them and the same is true of Ayahuasca. For this reason we never do back to back ceremonies and allow space and time to connect with all of the plants of the jungle alongside Ayahuasca.

We seek that you leave here feeling liberated, healed and happy, with a greater sense of who you are and your lives purpose. We are aware that other centres do very intensive back to back ceremonies that can be very intense and not allow much time for integration.  This I not our way and this is not the old way. Ayahuasca seeks to show us love in everything that she does and she will show you what you need to see when you are ready and able to see it.

At Shakruna Ayahuasca Retreat program our focus is a complete package of care that involves all of the plants of the jungle that will facilitate you healing on a very deep level. This care package is designed specifically for you and guided by Ayahuasca and the Maestros. You will leave our retreat feeling happy and liberated of your pain.

Itinerary of 12 day program

Prep day: We honour that some of you will be traveling from far away and may wish to have a day to wind down and site see before arriving to the centre. We have arrangements with a hostel in Pucallpa that is in a quieter part of the city that will collect you from the airport if needed. Please let us know one month before arrival if you would like this so we can ensure there is space for you. This is included in the retreat price.

Day One: Thursday Arrival to Centre

Everyone arrives on this day and you can arrive during the morning at any time. We shall show you to your bed and where you can unpack your clothes to make your jungle home for the duration of the retreat. We serve lunch at around 1pm and then we shall have an official welcome circle at 4pm where you will be able to meet the Maestros and be welcomed to the centre.

Day Two: Friday; Individual meeting with the Maestra and First Ceremony

This day is about sharing with the Maestra on a more personal level. Each one of us carries our own pain that we wish to heal and be free from. Throughout Friday will be your opportunity to speak privately with the Maestra about any matters that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the group circle time. You will eat breakfast (8am), Lunch (1pm) and dinner (6pm) which will be served in the group kitchen.

At 7 pm everyone will have a plant bath which serves to cleanse your body before sitting in ceremony

At 9 pm everyone will sit in Ceremony but NOT drink Ayahuasca. This is to allow the Shaman to see your body in the plant world and see at a deep level how to help you. This informs the Shaman what plants you need to receive in teas, baths, saunas or to make you vomit. This ceremony will also give you a sense of what to expect in ceremony in preparation for your first one.

Saturday: Plant Treatment Begins.

8am Breakfast

10am Group circle

1pm Lunch

This will be the first day of Plant treatments. Following ceremony Maestra Lucia will meet with everyone in group circle and give feedback as to what she has seen of you in ceremony from the night before. This will then inform the treatment that you receive and also if you will eat dinner or not today.

The plant treatments that it is possible to receive is too numerous to mention but may include, waiycho, sanban, chaimitype, wijsupinse, huspieones.

If you a required to ingest the seeds of husturpiones, this is a seed that will either make you vomit or have diarrhea to unblock your system. If you vomit then you will need to drink water under the guidance of the shaman in order to put pressure on the stomach to keep vomiting. This is a hard process and you will then need to rest for the rest of the day without eating.

If you are given husturpiones it is ESSENTIAL that you follow the guidance of the Maestra, it maybe hard work to keep drinking water and vomiting but once you start you must finish! To leave the seeds in your system is not good!   The Maestra will guide you as to what you can eat following this process if you are to be eating husturpiones as sometimes you may need to not eat for the remainder of the day.

Sunday: Plant Treatment

Breakfast, Lunch will be served to all and dinner depending on the treatment you are taking. This is the day to relax and begin preparation for your first ceremony the following day.

Monday: Second Ceremony

8am: Breakfast

11am Group Circle to discuss any questions about the first ceremony in which you will drink Ayahuasca

1pm: Lunch, this will be the last meal of the day as your stomach needs to be empty for ceremony.

7-8pm Plant Baths.

During this time everyone goes down individually to the shower block to wash themselves with a plant bath. This will clean you ready for ceremony and help you in the plant world. You wash yourself with plants by grabbing a handful of leaves and using them to scrub your whole body using the water in the tub.

After you bathe if you have white ceremonial clothes with you we suggest that you put them on. If you don’t have any and wish to purchase some you can do through our site.

The time before ceremony is a great to time to clarify an intention or question that you wish the plant to work with or help you with. We suggest being silent at this time or talking in hushed tones.

9 pm Everyone gathers at the Maloca where you will be assigned a mat and a bowl if you need to vomit. We suggest you bring into ceremony with you, socks and a jumper and a blanket as Ayahuasca can make you cold and also following ceremony we will sleep in the Maloca till dawn. We also advise bringing a bottle of water, Mapacho and Agua Florida and any tokens that you wish to journey with that are personal to you.

5-6 am: Return to beds

Tuesday: Rest Day

8-9 am: Breakfast, the time may vary to reflect the group needs post ceremony

11am: Post Ceremony Circle Time: This is a group time to share your experiences of your first ceremony and receive feedback from the Maestra

1pm Lunch

6pm: Dinner


Wednesday: Third ceremony

8 am: Breakfast

1pm Lunch and no food after this point

7pm Plant baths in the Shower Block

9pm Ceremony


Thursday: Rest Day

8-9am: Breakfast

11am: Group Circle time

1pm: Lunch

6-7pm dinner


Friday: Final Ceremony

8am: Breakfast

1pm : Lunch, no food after this point

7pm: Plant Baths in the Shower Block

9pm Ceremony


Saturday: Rest Day

8—9 am Breakfast

11am Group Circle Time

Sunday: Closing

8am Breakfast

1pm Lunch

4pm: Final Sharing Circle and Evaluation

Monday: Leave

To ease your reintegration to the world we will arrange for you to return to the same hostel on the outskirts of the city to rest before traveling on. Again, please let us know in advance if you want this option and again it is included in the retreat package.





Diet Plan 12 days $555